“She helped me replace my ugly figures with a better one...”

— E.E. Ph.D Student at Columbia University

“When I first started working here, I knew this place was weird when I talked to Karen."

— Co-worker at ThankView

“One of the most inquiring, if not the most curious women..."

— John Ruggeri, Drawing Professor at School of Visual Arts

“Her solutions were always unique and came from a totally different place than everyone else’s."

— Gail Anderson, Principal at Anderson Newton Design

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Digital Designer • ~3 Years of Experience • New York

Why OkDesigner?


My self-summary

I'm a Digital Designer that aims to understand users as people first to captivate them. My recent UX work at ThankView allowed me to have a direct impact on assisting clients build stronger relationships with their donors. My design process involves an in-depth analysis of the problem, iterative design, and engaging in an open feedback loop.

I’m really good at
  • Asking questions
  • Taking responsibility
  • Solving visual and contextual problems
  • Turning feedback into action
  • Thinking big picture and fine detail
Working with me
  • I strive for high-quality results in an efficient manner. (Albeit, I'm less agile when I'm absorbing lots of new content.)
  • I am a straightforward, honest communicator.
  • I believe trust builds through work autonomy over micro-management.
  • I care deeply about my office environment and those in it.
  • I take design feedback in stride (because it's hardly ever personal.)
  • I enjoy meaningful, even if difficult, conversations.
I want to learn more about
  • Implementing a product stategy and vision
  • Performing effective, iterative user research that is for both product validation and evaluation.
  • Setting the right quantitative goals
I'm looking for
  • Freelance and full-time remote work
  • Learning opportunities
  • A Mentor
  • An inclusive work culture that supports introverts:
    • Remote and/or work from home options
    • A culture that rewards results over social presence
    • Co-workers who are responsive, have a fantastic work ethic and a good sense of humor.
Her Details
School of Visual Arts BFA in Design (2016)
UX/UI Designer at ThankView
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